Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Nautical Week - Boat Shoes

After about 5 years of wanting boat shoes, I finally pulled the trigger on these Sperrys.  I had a Zappos gift card, so it seemed like a good time to go for it. They arrived on Thursday, and I wanted to wear them immediately, so I built this outfit around them.  I think my new skirt is pretty cute with boat shoes.  I mean, I definitely felt prepared on the off chance that I was invited to go sailing.

In other news, I'm super excited because I'm going to see Wicked tonight!  I've seen it 2 other times and it is just SO GOOD!  I'll probably pay to see it every time it comes to town, and it seems like everyone else in Omaha agrees, because it's here for a few weeks!  If you haven't seen it, I'd highly recommend you check it out if it comes to your town!

Nautical Week continues!  Linkup is after the jump!

Cardigan: Old Navy
Top: J.Crew Factory
Skirt: Gap
Shoes: Sperry (via Zappos)


  1. You are right! Those shoes look so cute with the skirt. Great outfit!

  2. YAY for getting a pair of sperry's. You are going to love them.

  3. Wicked is amazing!!! I saw it for my birthday two years ago in NYC and it's just brilliant. Have fun! Oh and I love this outfit, everything goes together perfectly!

  4. Love those Sperrys! I have been debating getting a pair because they are so cute and look really comfortable! This is a great nautical outfit!

  5. You're going to see Wicked?! Again?! Wicked cool! (ha) I haven't seen it yet, but I want to. I like the Sperry's you picked out-- are they blue? If so, I like them so much more because they're not the typical tan color. I think this is a great outfit for nautical week!

  6. I am so glad I bought a pair of Sperrys too, last Fall. Love mine and want more. I love Boat Shoes and have a couple of other pairs (not Sperry) as well. I loved this outfit so much and pinned it. The skirt and the mix of Blue+Red is definitely very Nautical, too. =)

    I saw Wicked a few years ago in New York on Broadway and loved it. =)

  7. Love all the Nautical posts! And those Sperry's make me happy. When I met my hubby he had a Sperry obsession and convinced me to buy my first pair. They have holes now but I'm still clinging onto them lol. And Wicked!! I still haven't seen it >.<
    Love your blog~


  8. I have wanted a pair of Sperrys forEVER but haven't been able to find a pair I love at DSW (and I'm dumb and don't want to buy them full price, haha). Yours are so cute! I am JEALOUS that you got to see Wicked again! It's such a great show, and one of my favorite albums to rock out to in the car :)