Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Closet Inventory

Almost a year ago, I started going through my closet by category and making inventory posts.  I thought that taking it in small pieces would make it more manageable.  That plan actually made it easier to just give up.  Brynn and Kate both recently did full inventory posts, which got me thinking I should really do it.  And then we had a 3-day weekend where I didn't have a whole lot going on.  Perfect!

So here's my list of items and counts.  Note - I didn't include workout gear, undergarments, swimwear, socks, jewelry, or purses in this list.  I might tackle those items another day.  (well, not socks or undergarments, but maybe purses and jewelry).
  • Tops:  78
    • Long-sleeve: 12
    • Short-sleeve: 34
      • Solid: 14
      • Stripe: 11
      • Other print/pattern: 9
    • Sleeveless: 32
      • Solid: 8
      • Stripe: 7
      • Other print/pattern: 17
  • Sweaters:  55
    • Light sweaters: 12
    • Heavy sweaters: 12
    • Light cardigans: 11
    • Regular cardigans: 15
    • Heavy cardigans: 5
  • Layers:  21
    • Blazers: 5
    • Coats: 5
    • Jackets: 4
    • Sweatshirts: 7
  • Bottoms:  35
    • Jeans: 12
    • Shorts: 8
    • Skirts: 15
  • Dresses: 21
  • Shoes: 41
    • Flats: 15
    • Heels: 14
    • Boots: 10
    • Casual: 2
  • Accessories: 29
    • Belts: 13
    • Scarves: 16
So the grand total is 280!  That's way lower than I expected.  I was sure I'd be in the 400+ range, so it's not as bad as I thought it would be.  I have been pretty good in the last couple of years about getting rid of things that I don't wear.  But still, 280 is a lot of clothing!

I don't really have a philosophy or plan when it comes to curating my closet.  My main goal over the last year or two has been to keep a list of things I want, instead of just buying whatever catches my eye.  I'm also being more careful about not buying things just because they are cheap.  It's not perfect, but I feel pretty good about it most of the time.  And I really enjoy shopping, so I don't see myself getting to a point where I stop buying new things.    

So what now?  Well, I don't know.  I've thought about the one in, one out plan.  But I think that would turn into me keeping things that I should get rid of just so I have something to trade out when I buy something new.  And that defeats the purpose.  Maybe I could put a cap on my total number, so if I got rid of 10 things tomorrow, then I'd have 10 open spots, but I don't know what the magic number should be.

I think I'm just going to stick with my monthly budget plan, and keep trying to focus on the wish list and minimizing crazy impulse buys. I'm also going to try to keep my spreadsheet up to date when I buy new items or get rid of things, so I don't have to do an epic inventory again.

Have you done a closet inventory?  What tips would you share for keeping your clothes hoarding under control?


  1. Wow. I am impressed. You seem to have things under control. (Although I don't know how many socks you own, so that could be another story, haha) But seriously. This closet inventory thing has made me so confused, I don't even know anymore! (Hopefully others will have more insightful comments.)

  2. I am terrified. Absolutely terrified to do this, so I applaud you!! Your number seems more than manageable! I have no tips, as I am a terrible closet hoarder (but what if I want to wear this for a costume in 2 yers?)....

    Katie @ Style On Target

  3. I feel pretty much the same way about my closet as you do yours. I do regular clean outs and feel like I've been keeping my shopping under control. That being said, I still don't think I'd want to do a closet inventory. Who knows, maybe I'll get curious someday. I really like how you broke everything down in subcategories. If anything I bet it will help you focus your shopping even more.

  4. I love how detailed this is! And I don't think your number is bad really. Although maybe that's because I am right around there not counting belts and scarves! ;) I do the one in, one out. But I also get rid of things as I see them so hopefully my overall number is decreasing slowly.

  5. I go thru my clothes once a year but have no idea how many I have. I so need to do one of theses closet inventory

  6. Yay, Andi! I'm glad you tackled the clothing inventory and joined the club :) I think, as bloggers, we often justify our spending/clothing purchases, and for me, a clothing inventory was the best way for me to realize just how much I owned and start thinking about my closet in a more thoughtful and intentional way. My "magic number" of 200 items in my closet is, I guess, pretty arbitrary, but it feels like a number in which I'll still have a great variety of pieces but it's something that I won't feel embarrassed or insecure or whatever about. Plus, Kevin and I are slowly starting to adopt a more minimalist mentality, so having an excessive amount of clothes/accessories/shoes feels counterproductive, haha. I hope you continue to document your progress, because I am really excited/curious to see how your closet evolves!!

  7. I am so proud of all you girls for doing this and for such low numbers. As I told Kate also there is no way I could do a full closet one because I have way too much stuff. Plus I'd have to do my closet in Europe separately from the one I have in US. I did get rid of 50 things this Spring though: 39 articles of clothing and 11 accessories. I think your 280 cap is very good. The take one in - take one out is a good thing to do to minimize excess stuff on your closet. I think for now that's how I am playing it for when I add/buy new things - smth. has to go. I'd like to hear your thoughts about this. =)

  8. wow Andi, I am so impressed you did this! I actually wouldn't mind doing something like this, because I really enjoy sorting through clothes every time the season changes, I just can hardly find the time to do it! A long weekend seems pretty prime though. And I do have some stuff left at home home (not "real stuff" though, as I like to stay. Mostly old t-shirts from high school.) I'm trying to think what my count would be right now...I really have no idea. I'd like to think I've been downsizing but I still have a good bit from college/younger that I don't wear as much now.

    And what I love about the photo is so many colors and prints!! Your closet looks so fun!

    ♥ perfectly Priya