Monday, May 12, 2014

Nautical Week - Anchors Away!

Get excited!  It's NAUTICAL WEEK!  Make sure you are following along with Laura to see how she is rocking the boat theme this week.  First up, a sweater with an anchor on it!  (said in my best Brian Fellow voice).  

It's been almost a year since I painted this sweater, and I've worn it exactly one time.  Oops!  But it's perfect for Nautical Week!  I wore this outfit on the last day of April, when it was quite chilly and dreary out.  And then a friend (jokingly) called me out for wearing white pants before Memorial Day.  Shh, don't tell that I bought these in October and have been wearing them all winter long.  We don't really believe in that rule anymore, anyway.  Right?

Anyway, Nautical Week is here, so get ready to see lots of red/white/navy in the next few days.  I do have at least one outfit that isn't unintentionally patriotic. Link up is after the jump!  

Sweater: Gap (but then painted) (Similar)
Shirt: Old Navy
Jeans: Limited
Shoes: Target


  1. Wow! You painted that sweater! It looks just like something you would buy at the store! Very cool. I'm also loving the floral print under the sweater. I'm looking forward to linking-up my nautical look later this week!

  2. What a great DIY sweater! It turned out really well. I like how you paired the red shoes with this, too!

  3. This sweater is the perfect way to start off nautical week! And I totally laughed out-loud about the Brian Fellows voice haha.

  4. Definitely no rules for white pants anymore! And they go great with that sweater so I fully support it! :) I love that you painted the sweater - I never would have guessed!

  5. Haha Brian Fellows! Love it! And I love your outfit too!

  6. Such a fun look. I'm going to have to pull out my anchor shirt.

  7. I am amazed at your painting skills! Great sweater and I wear white jeans all year long, too. I think all the rules are really just "guidelines."

  8. WOW that sweater came out great, so similar to one I saw at J.Crew Factory last year. Love it. I also like how you sort of mixed prints with your cool button-down.

    I think this might be my MOST FAVORITE Themed Link-up you have done yet. It also pushed me to create some cute Nautical Looks. =)

    Love it!!

  9. Bahaha, I used to quote Brian Fellow ALL THE TIME. "I don't wanna get bit - by a snappin' turtle!" is my favorite line (goodness, I'm such a dork!). I can't get over the fact that your sweater is painted! It looks so perfect! And it's really fun with the floral shirt underneath. How do you like your white jeans from Limited? I've been searching for a pair for ages but haven't been able to find a pair that a) fits and b) isn't see-through. Oh, and that I can afford.