Sunday, October 27, 2013

Book Review - Harry Potter #5, 6, 7

After being unimpressed with the first couple Harry Potter books, I was completely hooked after book 4 and read the last 3 books pretty quickly.  I honestly don't remember what things happened in what books, but I figured I should round out my posts about Harry Potter, so here are a few thoughts from the end of the series.  There may be spoilers, but I'll try to put them in invisible font.
  • I wasn't super surprised by most of the things I was supposed to be surprised by.  I suspect this is because I've heard spoilers over the year that I didn't register at the time, but then when I was reading, it seemed like I knew what was coming.  Or I'm just really brilliant.  Probably that. 
  • Why oh why did JKR kill off so many nice people and then let Draco Malfoy live??? 
  • I'm really happy she had the last little chapter.  When I started reading the books, I said something to a co-worker about how I hope Ron/Hermione and Ginny/Harry get married at the end, but I guess they'll only be 17, so that may be young, unless JKR does one of those "10 years later" chapters at the end.  See, I'm brilliant!
  • I was still laughing/annoyed at how frequently Harry and his friends are described as furious/fuming/other angry words.  Harry seems to have the same reaction to Snape killing Dumbledore as he has to something trivial, like Quidditch practice being canceled.  It's confusing.  But then again, he is a teenager, so maybe that's accurate.
Hmm, what else to say.  I liked the ending, but book 7 took a long time to get around to the action.  Did JKR do this on purpose, so we would feel as frustrated as I assume Harry/Ron/Hermione felt?  Maybe.

Oh, and I didn't cry during these books.  Several people told me I would.  My theory is that since I read them over such a short period of time, I wasn't quite as emotionally invested as those of you who had to wait a few years for the next book to be published.  I mean, how did you survive the wait between book 6 & 7???

Anyway, I'm watching the movies now.  I'll probably write up a big movies vs. books post for the whole series. 

In conclusion, if you are one of the 7 people in America who haven't read this series yet, I'd recommend it. 

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