Wednesday, October 30, 2013

October Closet Additions

Since October is birthday month, I'm not really allowed to do any shopping, because I have to leave gift ideas for people.  I got some pretty fabulous presents this year, so I'm feeling pretty spoiled at the moment.  And then I did a little shopping on my birthday and over the weekend to pick up a few other things.  Here's the breakdown:

J.Crew Factory Coat
Harvey's Seatbelt Bag
Elephant print Scarf
*Steve Madden boots

*Limited White Skinny Jeans:  $25 (originally $74)
*Limited Oatmeal Boyfriend Cardigan (similar pictured above):  $14 (originally $55)
*Converse Chuck Taylors:  $45
*Gap Leopard Loafers: $25 (originally $50)
Old Navy gray tights: $10
Old Navy Pointy-Toe Ankle Strap flats: $23

Total Spent: $117 (originally $257)

The items with an asterisk in front are from my wish list.  I'm particularly excited about my new shoes.  All 4 pairs have been on my list for quite awhile.  Shoes are a particular area of my wardrobe that I just need to make myself spend money more wisely.  Now that I'm almost 30 (eek!), comfort is more and more important, but I'm not willing to sacrifice style, so it's harder to find good options in the price ranges I want.  I mean, spending $23 on some Old Navy flats seems ridiculous, but they are cute and comfortable, and I've been looking for a pair of navy flats for a few years, so I think it's okay to jump at the opportunity.

I keep almost buying the J.Crew Factory Sylvia wedges, and then talking myself out of it.  First of all, I can't decide if I should get the black or tan option.  My nude pumps are looking pretty rough close-up, but they are still wearable.  My black wedges are peep-toe, so not great for the winter.  So which color should I get from J.Crew??  If I like them, I'll probably end up getting both.  If I don't like them, I'll probably end up returning whichever pair I order, so I'm not sure why this is so hard to decide.  With the 30% extra off right now, these shoes are $70.  That's still a lot for me to pay for a pair of shoes.  I'm going to try to hold out until they have a bigger sale.  Also, a factory store is opening here in about 3 weeks, so I should probably just go try them on in the store.  Maybe they will have a big 50% off everything grand opening or something.  That would be great!

Overall, I'm still under budget for the year.  I also have some birthday money that is going right into the clothing budget.  I may save it for a few weeks so I can use it at the new outlet mall.

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  1. You got some great stuff!! I really like those Old Navy flats and your elephant scarf! I've been trying to make myself invest in some better pieces, including shoes. I still catch myself losing interest when something costs more than $15 haha, but then I remind myself that I'm an adult.

  2. Some great additions! That scarf is so cute!

  3. loveee those flats!

  4. Get both! No but seriously, wait for at least a 40% off sale (you know those come and go), and then go for it. I've been a lot more comfortable with spending money on shoes lately, despite the fact that I can't kick the habit and keep buying cheap shoes. I bought a pair of black flats from Target earlier this semester, I wear them 2-3 times a week. They'll fall apart soon enough, but the cost-per-wear will be cents. Can you imagine wearing them 60 times over the course of the next couple years? If so, I don't see why you should hold back. You know you'll wear them-- it's not like they are stilettos or some ridiculously pattern.

    1. that comment was a lot longer than I thought it was going to be. whoops.

  5. Those leopard loafers are amazing! You got some great deals this month!

  6. Jealous of all the amazing shoes you got! That cardigan is super cute too and will be super versatile!

  7. Wow, you got a lot of really nice, neutral, basic things that can be worn in a bunch of ways! I like your leopard loafers a lot, and that cardigan is so cute!

  8. You did so good this month! I love those ankle strap flats and that scarf is so cute! You are so smart to wait to let people buy you stuff on your birthday - I usually justify buying a lot during my birthday so no one has anything left to get me!