Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fashion Blogger Poses

For some reason, I happened upon the GOMI forums the other day.  I have mixed feelings about the whole thing, but I do think there are some interesting opinions out there, and most of the comments I read were more constructive criticism than just bullying/hostility.  (Granted, if I found anything mean about myself, I'd probably have a different opinion).

One of the threads was about annoying things fashion bloggers do, and I found myself being guilty of several!  One big complaint was having 10 pictures of almost the exact same pose.  I had to laugh.  I usually only post 3-4 pictures, but they tend to be pretty similar poses.  Both hands on my hips, only one hand on my hip, looking off to the side, looking down.  If I have on a jacket, I'll put my hands in my pockets for a bit.  And in my last picture up there, I just have my thumb in my pocket.  No idea why.  It's SO FASHION!  (I should really watch ANTM to get ideas)

So GOMI convicted me that I should have more diversity in my poses, and maybe even some close-up shots.  I'll try, but no promises!  I hope the critique is aimed more towards full-time bloggers.  I mean, if I didn't have a job, I could spend more time practicing my model poses and taking 100 pictures to choose from instead of about 10.

Finally, I've had a few people ask about color/fabric of this skirt.  The sparkliness doesn't always show up in pictures, so here's a closeup shot.  There's a sparkly gold thread overlay on the more shimmery gold netting of the skirt.   *It should be noted that my feet are slightly paler than my legs, but this is exaggerated by the way the sunlight was falling in this picture.   

Top & Skirt: Gap
Shoes: Target


  1. I have heard that this GOMI forum has some nasty things to say about people. I have never personally read it, but it sounds like it's not always so nice. Hopefully like you said it's geared towards full time bloggers with the constructive criticism, because most of us are just regular ladies with normal jobs and regular lives who shop at regular stores.

    p.s. this skirt is pretty awesome. thanks for the close up because I was curious too!

  2. Ha! GOMI is one of my guilty pleasures. Likewise, my blog is so small that they would never bother with it so my views are skewed, but I do overall feel that it's great to have a place to say, "Really? THAT'S fashionable?" plus, it's a good forum for all the criticism you can't post on so many of the heavily filtered blogs. Not everyone is going to like everything we say or do and that's just life, ya know?

    Back to your outfit, that is such a great skirt!

  3. Haha yes I do the same few poses every time. I've tried other ones but they look/feel ridiculous so I go back to my tried-and-true. I've wondered about this skirt before too, the close-up shot was a good idea!

  4. GOMI is a guilty pleasure of mine as well. They can get pretty nit-picky, but there is some good constructive criticism in there as well. I am also guilty of the pose thing. I've been trying to break out but there are only so many flattering poses I can pull off! (Have you read the fashion bloggers taking a dump thread? Don't do that.) So I just focus on showing off the clothes, not acting fashun. I personally never noticed your poses, really, just the clothes, which is the point, right? :) That skirt is really pretty close-up!

  5. I don't think you're guilty of the repeat poses at all. I think a blog like yours doesn't get counted in that sort, because you are real. You don't give off the vibe of "this is my life and I take this incredibly seriously" (i.e., not "OMG look at me and how fashionable I am"). Moreover, your poses aren't lame. You don't do the "stare off into the distance" look and I'm pretty sure there aren't any fake laughs. Plus, I don't have to scroll through photo after photo to get to your text.

    I could talk about this all day. But that's what GOMI's for :)

  6. I am not a fan of GOMI, but I definitely do have limited poses. I sometimes try different ones, but just look ridiculous. What a fun skirt today!

  7. hahaha that's funny, but sometime we look great in a certain pose, or better in a certain pose than others.. but ya it's good to diversify. love the stripe top here! have a great weekend!

  8. I've been reading GOMI forums for 2-3 years now, but have never posted...I agree that it can get really nasty, but I've learned a lot about what not to do as well from reading the feedback. I am with you, though, that I have the same like 2 poses. Whatever, I'd rather be consistent and feel comfortable than try to do awkward poses that look contrived, you know? I really, really like your skirt, by the way. What a fun material!