Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Weekend Recap and Next Week's Theme

So, I may have mentioned that my mom was visiting this past weekend.  It was a quick trip, but I think we had a pretty good time.  On Saturday, we drove out to Grand Island to visit one of her best friends.  It was fun to take a little road trip and so wonderful to catch up with our friend.  I hadn't seen her since my wedding and that was 6 years ago!

Saturday evening, we went to Les Miserables at the Omaha Community Playhouse.  I wasn't sure what to expect from the local theater group, but I was very impressed!  I'll definitely be interested in future shows!  A few random thoughts (because that's what I do):
  • It always bothers me that the actors have British accents.  Shouldn't everyone be French?  
  • Gavroche was probably about 15.  I suspect they couldn't find a younger actor.  I just think he's supposed to be much younger and it loses some of the impact when he's a teenager.
  • One of the actors' bios said she didn't realize she could sing until she had her tonsils out.  This makes a lot of sense, because I'm pretty sure I should be on Broadway, but I can't carry a tune.  I will be scheduling a tonsillectomy ASAP!     (kidding, kidding)  
  • Eponine will probably always be my favorite.  She just has the best songs!  I find it so hard to believe that Marius would pick Cosette!  Eponine is always prettier and smarter and better! 
  • The actor who played Marius was better (IMO) than the guy from the movie or the guy from the Broadway Across America version.  And his day job is being a sewer inspector!     
  • It's weird that these actors are just regular people around Omaha.  At intermission, John and I were discussing who we liked and didn't like and then I felt awkward because we could be sitting next to someone's mom!
Anyway, the above outfit is what I wore to the show.  Which leads me nicely to my second point:

I'm doing another theme week!  I had a lot of fun during Polka Dot Week, so I'm going to try doing a theme week every so often.  Next week, I'm taking on STRIPES!  I even have an awesome co-host - Kate from A Journey in Style will be rocking stripes all week, and then we will have a linkup on Friday, October 11th. 

So get your striped outfits ready, and come link up!  

Scarf & Shoes: Target
Jacket: Izod
Tee: Gap
Skirt: Old Navy


  1. Yay! Stripes I can definitely tackle. I like the idea of doing a themed week. Glad to hear you had a good time with your mom and enjoyed the show!

  2. Nice! I've got so many stripes! I'm glad you had a good weekend with your mom.

  3. Nice! I've got so many stripes! I'm glad you had a good weekend with your mom.

  4. I almost saw Les Mis here, but by the time my friend was like "hey wanna see this with me?" it was sold out! The British accent would've bugged me, too. I don't understand why Hollywood (yes, I blame Hollywood, because I've noticed this in movies, too) thinks that if a character is any kind of European, it's okay to use a British accent. Why?! Anyway, I love the outfit, I think the big dots with the thin stripes is such a cool effect! Excited for stripes week!

  5. Way to support local theatre! I have done community theatre in the past and it is really fun and such a great creative outlet. Hopefully I will be able to do it again when my daughter is a little older. No clue about the British accent though, maybe it's easier to tackle than French so that's what they ended up with? ;)

  6. This makes me feel like I ought to watch some version of Les Mis, but after all the (IMO unnecessary) hype that surrounded last year's movie version, I'm still not motivated enough to. Can't wait for stripes week!