Sunday, October 20, 2013

Closet Inventory - Dresses and Scarves

Remember how I was like "yeah, I'm going to do a closet inventory!" and then I neglected it for several weeks?  Yeah, me neither.  Anyway, I am going to try to get back on track with this.  So, dresses and scarves are the topics of today.

My dresses hang in the middle of my closet in the only "tall" space available.  By my counts, there are twenty-one.  Most of them are wearable year-round, and I feel like I have a pretty good mix of colors/styles/patterns, etc.  I'm not currently looking for anything specific to add to this section of my wardrobe, but I like dresses, so I'll probably buy more when I find pretty options for a good deal!  

My scarves hang on the left side of my dresses, but I pulled them out and straightened them up a bit to make sure they were all visible.  I have twelve.  This seems like a lot, but as I look at them, there are only a couple that I haven't worn recently.  The blue/green plaid one was an impulse buy at Old Navy last summer and I think I wore it once.  It might need to go.  I'm not really looking to buy more scarves at the moment.

I've been wondering when we will get tired of these long fashion scarves, because they are a fairly recent trend.  I mean, when I was in high school (we're talking 10 years ago), I thought it was cool to wear the little neck scarves, like they did back in the 50s.  I don't remember anyone else doing that (other than my sister, who I was probably copying in the first place).  Or are scarves already not cool again and I just haven't gotten the memo?

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