Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Default Dress

This dress is probably one of my most worn items.  I got it in 2007, for my one-month anniversary.  I was wary of eating year old cake (per the tradition), so we just celebrated at 1 month, and the cake was still delicious.  Then for our 1-year, I just ordered a decoy cake top.  See what I did there?  More cake!  Everyone wins.

Anyway, this is my go-to dress on days when I need to look like I am trying, but don't actually feel like trying.  I was going to use this for my EBEW Black and White, but then decided I should wear something more interesting for that.  The picture doesn't really capture the pattern very well, but it is kind of a floral/animal print combo. 

Dress:  BCBG
Cami:  Gap
Cardigan:  Gap
Shoes:  Seychelles via DSW

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