Thursday, January 19, 2012

Throwback Thursday - Platform Sneakers

Someone should buy this for me
I think I've mentioned before that I had to wear uniforms to school from 2nd grade through high school.  I may have also mentioned that I really hated being the same as anyone else.  Probably some side effect of being the youngest child.   Anyway, shoes and jewelry were the main ways I could express my style.

My first Throwback post was about my first pair of heels.  Those weren't exactly normal for 6th grade.  When it was time to buy new school shoes for 7th grade, I knew exactly what I wanted.  I actually had torn an advertisement for these shoes out of some magazine (probably a seventeen or something equally terrible) and had it taped to my closet door, next to other fashion inspiration.  And, if I'm being honest, way too many pictures of Leonardo Dicaprio.  Embarrassing, but at least I didn't have a crush on any of the Hanson brothers.  I am way off topic here - back to my shoes!

I absolutely loved these shoes, and they were SO comfortable.  I mean, they were tennis shoes!  And the platform made them mostly flat.  GENIUS!

The last day of 7th grade, I had a party for everyone to celebrate the beginning of summer.  Here's my awesome outfit from the party, platform sneakers included:

If you are thinking I don't look that much different, it is because I haven't gotten any taller since middle school.  Good thing I was a giant back then.

This was one of my favorite shirts, too.  It was from Vanity - polyester with snap buttons.

These jean shorts are actually Guess, from the local Country/Western store.  It was very difficult to find shorts that were "fingertip length" for non-uniform days, especially since I was a giant.

Ankle socks hadn't been invented yet, either.

I don't currently have any high heeled sneakers, but I'd probably buy some if I saw them.  My freshman year of college, I was out shopping with 2 of my new friends, and my friend picked up some high heeled converse tennis shoes as a joke, but then it was awkward when I really liked them and didn't know she was joking.  They still give me a hard time about it, and will sometimes send me links of stiletto hiking boots.



    How about these? :)

  2. I totally remember this trend- I had the all-white Keds style version from Walmart. I was sooooooooooo cool. And completely crushing on Taylor Hanson. *hangs head in shame*

  3. Found your blog through Mingle Monday. This is toooo funny!!!