Thursday, January 12, 2012

Feels like ZERO

Remember last week, when I talked about fake spring?  It was 68 degrees that day.  Just 2 days ago, the high was 60, and a light cardigan was sufficient outerwear.  Well, fake spring is officially over.  According to, it feels like ZERO degrees right now.  I was decked out in winter accessories today.  The hat and gloves were Christmas presents from John.  See, now I can use my phone without freezing my hands!   

I knew the sun wasn't supposed to come out today, so I thought I'd rock some sunshine in my outfit.  This henley is pretty lightweight, so I threw the sweater on for extra warmth.  Honestly, I wore my coat all day at work, too.  It was freezing in my office.  Well, not literally freezing, but you know, kind of chilly.

This entire outfit is brought to you by GAP.  Except the socks.  They are from NY&co.

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