Thursday, January 5, 2012

Think Pink

It seems like ever year, we have a really nice day or two in the middle of winter.  It even smells like springtime outside, but then we are slammed with snow and freezing temps for 2-3 more months.  It was 68 degrees today, sunny and wonderful.  I even had my window open at work to get some fresh air.  Some people complain about the spring tease, but I love it.  I wish every day of winter was like this!  Maybe I should move to Arizona from November to March...

This outfit was from the Monday before Christmas, I think.  These are the new trouser jeans I found at Loft for $20!  I was going to say I love them, but that's probably overstating it.  I mean, I like them, but it's probably not love.  I'll reserve clothing love for dresses and shoes.      

Cardigan:  Marisa Christina from Marshall's
Top:  Gap (It's on sale in stores for $5 right now!)
Trouser Jeans:  Loft
Shoes:  Gap

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