Thursday, January 26, 2012

Modern-day Minnie Mouse

 Today's challenge is to Channel someone.  One of the examples Kayla gave was the Disney Bound website.  I spent way too long looking through the archives of adorable outfits based on various Disney characters.  Here's one of the Minnie Mouse outfits that I loved!

I knew I had some pieces in my closet that would work, AND I just made these bows for my red shoes which were so perfect. 

I really love this outfit.  It's very me, and very fun.  Today was a kind of hectic day at work, but I mean, you can't get too stressed out when you are dressed like Minnie Mouse!  Seriously.

Close-up of the shoes:

 Here's a crazy pose at no extra charge:

After choosing Minnie Mouse, I dug through my old photo albums to find evidence of 4 year old me channeling Minnie Mouse for Halloween.  

Go check out the other fun looks here. Tomorrow, we will be Mixing Prints!  Get excited.  

T-shirt:  H&M
Cardigan:  Old Navy
Skirt:  Express
Tights: Target
Shoes:  Rampage
Shoe Bows:  Made by me
Necklace: from China (gift)
Bracelet:  from Kenya (gift)


  1. Oh cute, my minnie mouse twin! Love your take and I wish I had your skirt and shoes!

  2. The shoes are cute and I love polka dots.

  3. Oh my cute. What a fun outfit! And great inspiration.

    Freckles in April