Monday, January 16, 2012

The Green Coat Fiasco

In early November, I saw this green coat at Old Navy, and almost bought it.  Then I thought it was a great idea to give people for Christmas, and I told John about it.  That weekend, Old Navy had 75% off all their outerwear.  He went to get the coat for me, but all they had left was XL.  He went ahead and bought it, thinking it would be easy to exchange for the correct size before Christmas.  A few attempts at exchanging later, it was Christmas Eve and he still had the wrong size for me.  He went ahead and gave it to me, and I was determined to find the correct size. 

After calling around to all the Old Navy stores in the area, I was getting discouraged.  My sister told me to just keep it for a maternity coat.  I was thinking I could just eat a lot of Christmas cookies until it fit.  Last weekend, I went into Old Navy for one last try.  I had to be a little bit demanding of the teenager who swore she couldn't do a National check.  Finally, a manager came over and within about 3 minutes, I was on the phone with an Old Navy in Illinois, giving them my address to ship my coat to me.  I just had to pay $5 extra for shipping.  My coat arrived on Friday afternoon, and I love it!  I'm so excited I finally found the correct size! 

Coat: Old Navy
Sweater, Camisole, Jeans, Shoes:  Gap
Socks:  Betsey Johnson


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  2. I'm glad you finally found the right size after all. Sometimes I like a piece so much I buy one size bigger because they didn't have my size.

    Have a lovely week,
    Manu Luize.