Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I'm blue da ba dee da ba da

Tonight, I went to see Blue Man Group with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law.  In honor of the occasion, I wore blue.  I'm so clever!

Most days, I sit here with nothing to say, but today was an eventful day, I guess.  
  1. This is a dress I usually wear for weddings, or similar occasions, but I decided to rock it as a skirt today.  This is a trick I'm going to have to do more often.  
  2. It's also the first time I've worn these sweater tights.  I got them for free, with a $10 off your purchase coupon at Younkers.  I'm sure they expect you to spend more than $10, but I just picked up some socks and tights and I think I paid about a dollar total.  Awesome.  They look like cable knit confetti cake, with little colorful spots all over. 
  3.  I had a crazy static cling problem all day, too.  My dress just got shorter and shorter as I walked.  I felt like I was in an early 90s Bounce Commercial.  I'm going to put a dryer sheet in my purse to prevent future static attack. 
  4. Blue Man Group was crazy.  I've never tried mind altering drugs, but I imagine the experience is similar to the crazy Blue Man shenanigans.  I had to close my eyes a few times to prevent a strobe light-induced migraine.  Overall, it was a pretty cool show, but just very strange! 
  5. I accidentally went to Iowa tonight, too.  When I see a sign for the interstate, and it doesn't specify direction, I assume I will get to choose a direction at some point.  That is not always the case.  I ended up driving around Council Bluffs with no idea how to get back to Nebraska.  Don't worry, I finally made it home. 

Dress as a skirt:  Limited
Cardigan: Gap
Belt:  from another dress
Tights:  Steve Madden
Boots: Bare Traps via DSW


  1. Blue man group is crazy! I saw them in Las Vegas!

  2. You make me laugh! Love the outfit :)