Thursday, January 5, 2012

Throwback Thursday - The Purple Skirt

This picture is from my high school's National Honor Society induction ceremony.  I've never worn a whole lot of purple (wouldn't want to risk being mistaken as a Kansas State fan), but this skirt was a favorite of mine.  I actually had the same skirt in a dusty pink color.  My sister had it in black and olive green.  This is what happens when Old Navy has a skirt on sale for like $8.  Buy it in every color!  I wish I still had one or both of these skirts, but at some point, I decided pencil skirts were out and flowy skirts were in and I got rid of them both.  Wisdom has come with age, and I now understand that both pencil and flowy skirts are great!  In college, I bought an a-line purple skirt that I wore all the time.  At some point, I got rid of that too.  What is wrong with me!?  Anyway, I bought a new purple skirt over Christmas, and I will probably get rid of it in the future and regret it later.

When I got to college, I learned that NHS is kind of a joke at most schools.  I was pretty shocked to learn this.  Now, maybe my memory is fuzzy, but I remember NHS being pretty intense.  In addition to keeping a pretty high GPA, we had to do a bunch of community service, and we had super early meetings every few weeks.  They would literally lock the door and not let you in if you were one minute late.  Have we established that I am always late to everything?  Anyway, I was late to a couple meetings, locked out, and had to sit in the hallway wishing I had just slept in (and no cell phone to play games on!).  They finally threatened to kick me out, which made me cry quite a bit, so they let me have a second chance and I was able to be punctual for the rest of the year.  I don't know why I cared so much.  It would have been easier to drop out.   

Anyway, I liked this outfit then and still like it now.  I don't have any of these pieces, but maybe I'll try something similar with my new purple skirt sometime.  I'm still terribly un-punctual, too.  I also make up words.

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  1. Love your blog, Andi! Your throwback photos are great!