Friday, January 20, 2012


 Red, Gray, and Blue is close enough, right?

This outfit is from Tuesday.  I don't have as many stories as I did on Wednesday.  Mostly, it was really cold, but I didn't want to wear jeans, so I grabbed my cozy fleece lined leggings. 

Isn't it cool how my network cord matches my shirt.  Totally didn't plan that.  I just took pictures at work, because I was going straight to Zumba class, and wanted to blog this outfit.  Zumba is fun.  You should try it.  If you think that is a Wizard of Oz poster behind me, you are right.  It's because I'm from Kansas.  Get it? 

Sweater, Shirt, Skirt:  Gap
Leggings:  don't remember
Boots:  Wanted via DSW

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