Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Orange Crush

I'm wearing an orange cardigan today, and it makes me think of Orange Crush.

I'll be honest.  I love Orange Crush.  Other orange sodas don't even compare!  I remember loving it as a kid, and then it wasn't really around for awhile.  Then in high school, Walmart started carrying the 6-pack of glass bottles.  I would go to Walmart specifically to stock up on Crush.  Then I left for college, and stores in Nebraska did not have Crush.  This was a big problem.  So, whenever I went home, I would pack my car with as much Orange Crush as possible, and hoard it in my dorm room.  I was worried about running out, so I rarely drank it.  Then at the end of the semester, I was giving it away to anyone who stopped by.  I'm not saying it was logical.

Now, most grocery stores around here sell crush in 2-liters and cans, but it just doesn't taste as good as the glass bottled kind.  I'm not as crazy as I used to be about it, but my family usually has some glass bottles of Orange Crush on hand when I come to visit.

Isn't it normal to have a vintage looking sign of your favorite soda on display in your office?  No.  Oh, well, this is awkward now. 

Cardigan:  NY&Co
T-shirt:  Gap
Tank:  Gap
Jeans:  Loft
Shoes: Gap


  1. i think it's perfectly normal. i remember my grandma used to stock her house with bottles of soda and you're's always better out of the bottle! too funny about hoarding it! i bet you paid a lot in gas with a car full of crush!