Wednesday, February 1, 2012


No, it isn't fall.  I'm not listening to the Alicia Keys song.  I actually just fell down this morning.  I was about 8 feet away from my office door, carrying 4 bags (purse, laptop, lunch, workout clothes) when my shoe revolted against me and I completely crashed to the floor.  I hit a cubicle wall pretty hard before I landed, but I am happy to say it did not fall over.  That would have been embarrassing!  Not that falling wasn't embarrassing enough, but I was able to pretty quickly assure my boss and co-workers I was fine and head to my office in shame.

I'm actually surprised this doesn't happen to me more often.  Contrary to popular opinion, I am not actually very graceful.  My husband threatens to get me a Humpty Hat every winter.  According to the website, you should wear it when you are doing winter sports.  I think I should just wear it year round for walking places.

Anyway, I was trying to do the "Dress Up a Coat" challenge a day early, but when I saw Kayla's inspiration post, she really meant that you should add something to your coat to make it dressy.  I thought she just meant to dress up and include a coat.  I'm going to just go with it and pretend I followed the rules.  I'm sure no one will care!

In conclusion, perhaps I should never wear these shoes again.  I thought they would be good, because the platform would be more comfortable than a regular heel, but if they are going to throw me to the ground, I might just have to pass.  They aren't really cute enough for me to put up with those kind of shenanigans. 

Go check out people who actually followed the instructions to dress up a coat HERE
I'm also linking up to the ABCs of style with my (P)leather jacket and suede shoes - L is for Leather

Sweater, Skirt, Shoes:  Gap
Jacket:  Relativity
Tights:  Target


  1. Cute outfit :) love the shoes :)

    Say x