Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Zebra day

It's the last day of the ABC Challenge!  I can't believe it is over.  I jumped in kind of late, since I was also doing the Winter Challenge, but it has been so fun to follow along with the prompts for each letter, and see what other bloggers come up with.

So, Z is for Zebra!  I have exactly 1 Zebra print item in my closet, and it is a strapless maxi dress.  Not the best for a rainy February day.  Since I'm on a shopping break, I couldn't go out and buy something new to wear, so I had to get creative. I folded my dress in half to make a skirt! 

At first, I had it so the bottom of the dress was my skirt, but then I flipped it, so the top of the dress is forming a little cuff at the bottom.  I liked it better this way, plus now I can use the pockets!!

I felt a little lumpy, with so much fabric folded and bunched around my waist.  I also had to be careful about the inner layer shifting too much, and sneaking out the bottom.  Overall, I felt a little ridiculous throughout the day, but I think it looks pretty cute in the pictures.

Special thanks to Kayla for hosting the ABC challenge.  It has been tons of fun, and I've found some great bloggers to follow! 

Sweater:  Express
Cami:  Gap
Skirt (dress):  Old Navy
Boots:  Target

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  1. I have that dress! I'm pretty sure it hasn't seen the light of day in a few years, but I'm pretty sure you've inspired me to bust it out sometime soon!