Thursday, February 23, 2012


I felt like a walking geometry lesson in this outfit.  So many shapes!   I think I like it, though.  I don't have much to say about it, and nothing particularly exciting happened yesterday.  I did go to the coffee shop on the way to work and got a chocolate muffin for breakfast.  So delicious!  The teenager who works there called me "Hon."  I don't think anyone should call me "Hon" unless they are:

A) Married to me
B) at least 30 years older than me

Although, I wouldn't want her to call me "Ma'am" either, so I guess I'm just difficult. 

 In other news, my husband can't really be trusted to take outfit pictures.  I'm incapable of making a normal face.  Out of 14 pictures, the top one is the best, and I look pretty nervous!  I finally gave up and just did what he told me, which mostly consisted of acting out different emotions.  Who says engineers don't have interpersonal skills??

Skirt and shirt: Loft
Sweater:  Style& Co (from Macy's)
Boots:  Wanted


  1. I love the mix of patterns! And also you mix of emotions :)

    1. "your" not you...I'm terrible with typos!

  2. haha the surprised look is so funny!
    I really like your skirt :)