Monday, February 20, 2012

Peter Pan Syndrome

This outfit is from last Wednesday, which turned out to be a kind of ridiculous day.

First, I overslept.  Then, I could not decide what to wear.  After trying on no less than 12 different items of clothing, I gave up had a stroke of genius and decided on this dress.  I thought I would spice it up a bit with a belt and my new green tights.  Then I felt like Peter Pan, so I wore boots to minimize the amount of visible green leg.
I was running late as I ran out the door and backed out of my driveway.  I pushed the button to close the garage - nothing.  So, I pulled up closer and pushed the button again.  It's not moving.  So I ran into the garage, and punched in the code on the number keypad - nothing.  So I ran in and pushed the button by the door, it starts to close, so I run out, carefully hopping over the sensors.  As I'm getting into my car, the door stops closing and reverses to fully open position.  So annoying!  I try a few more times, and it's not going to close.  I called John to ask him for advice.  After determining that we had no idea what was wrong, I just had to close it manually.  Then I had to brave our front porch, which was covered in snow!  I made it to my meeting just 10 minutes late.  John was able to fix the garage door.  No problem!

When I got home from work, I checked the mail for the first time in several days.  There was a Valentine's Day present from my mom!  When I picked it up, it made a strange sound.  My first thought was that she had sent something breakable and it was shattered.  My second thought was Legos.  But really, why would my mom send me Legos??

Because she is awesome, is why!  And because the Lego girl shares my name, and my hairstyle.  And she's apparently a rock star, which I have always wanted to be. 

Green tights + a new toy = I will never grow up!

Dress:  BCBG
Tights:  American Apparel
Boots:  Etienne Aigner
Belt:  from another dress
Cardigan:  Target