Friday, February 24, 2012


When I was a kid, my mom would sometimes make donuts for breakfast.  This was always the BEST THING EVER!  Just grab some Pillsbury biscuits, poke a hole in the middle, and throw them in the pot of grease.  At least that is how I understand it.  We'd make glaze for the frosting, and then each kid had free reign to add sprinkles.
I have no idea why, but I would always just use the orange and pink sprinkles.  I never really tried any other combination.  I just liked the way it looked.

I've been pretty uninspired lately when it comes to my clothing.  Maybe the honeymoon with my blog is over, and since I'm not shopping, there's nothing new to infuse my closet with inspiration.  I saw this shirt and cardigan this morning and thought of the orange and pink sprinkles of my childhood.  If it looked good on donuts, I'm sure it will look good on a person, right??

Shirt:  Loft
Cardigan:  Marisa Christina
Jeans:  Old Navy
Boots:  Wanted via Piperlime

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