Friday, February 17, 2012

Y is for Yellow

The ABC Challenge is drawing to a close, and Y is obviously for Yellow!  I really love this color, but I have to be careful, because sometimes it doesn't go so well with super pale skin.

I wore this on Thursday, which felt like a Friday.  Mostly because a meeting that we always have on Fridays was moved to Thursday.  Then, just to add to my confusion, John and I went to a movie last night.  

FYI, popcorn and Milk Duds are not the dinner of champions.  Not that I had that for dinner, I'm just saying.  Ok, I might have.

I'm so excited for the weekend!  I don't have any big plans, but am just excited to have some free time.  I'll probably get caught up on stuff around the house.  Maybe even go to the grocery store.  Do you have any exciting plans?? 

Tank, Shirt, Cardigan:  Gap
Jeans:  Old Navy
Boots: Wanted via Piperlime

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