Monday, December 10, 2012

All I Want for Christmas

Does your family make lists for Christmas?  When I was growing up, we never made official lists.  I think the opinion (of probably just my mom) was that gifts are supposed to be a surprise, and if you pay attention throughout the year, you will know what to get someone for their birthday or Christmas.  My in-laws are list people, so I have made lists for the past few years.  My family has even moved toward list-making, since we don't see each other as often, so we really don't know what to get!   I can see both sides of the argument.  I try to make a really long list, so there are several options and I will still be somewhat surprised. 

Without any further ado, here's my wishlist for this year:

  1. Perfume - a few years ago, I got both of these perfumes for Christmas.  A few months ago, I ran out of both of them.  I want them again - particularly Diamonds Intense.  It smells SO GOOD!
  2. Fashion Scarves:  I want a leopard print and a polka dot scarf.  There was the perfect leopard scarf at a month or so ago, but it is sold out now, and never got to stores. 
  3. Yellow "Gold" Watch - I got a nice new watch for my birthday, but I would also like a cheap "gold" watch for when I am feeling the yellow gold accessories.  I've seen a bunch of cute ones at Charming Charlie and Francesca's that are in the $20 range, but I couldn't find those online.  
  4. Polka dot sweater - I almost bought this for myself the other day, but I was supposed to be Christmas shopping for others, so I was good.  
  5. New slippers - I wear slippers all the time.  I think I have 4 pairs right now, but they are all getting a little raggedy, and probably need to go in the trash soon.  I think these ones from Target would be an excellent replacement!
  6. Opal jewelry - October birthday here!  I love opal jewelry, but it is so hard to find "real" opals.  Everything online is lab-created, and I would prefer the real thing.  It's also hard to find white gold options.  I think jewelers always want to put opals in yellow gold for a contrast.  I have wanted an opal ring for several years, and I think this one is simple and classic.  So if you happen to talk to my husband, this would be a great idea for him! 
What is on your Christmas Wish List this year?


  1. My families are exactly the same way with lists! Never ever made them when I was growing up, but as soon as I started having Christmas celebrations with my hubby's family, they have always wanted a list - and now my parents ask us for a list every year, too! Funny how those things change! And I also put a ton of stuff on my lists - with varying price ranges - just so I can still be surprised.

    I love your list! I have "Fashion Scarves" on my list, too, exact same verbiage. Great minds think alike, I guess ;)

    - Sara

  2. Loving that polka dot sweater! Great list!

  3. I found your blog through Mingle Monday. I was "just another Smith" before I got married -- can totally relate. :) Your Christmas list is great - love everything on it! And I think lists are WONDERFUL and so so helpful!
    Have a great week!

  4. I have those leopard slippers, and I think they are super comfy and cute. Adam thinks they are the worst...flashy and ugly, but I love them!

    1. well, who cares if they are ugly! They are for wearing at home! I agree - I think they are cute!

    2. Well, since I work with infants, they are perfect classroom shoes, so they do go out in public, haha! I don't care though; I love leopard!

    3. I guess I do see quite a few people wearing these boat shoe/slippers out and about. I'm not sure I could get behind that, but it would be comfy!