Friday, December 7, 2012

Seeing Stars

This outfit is almost entirely new.  I tend to shop quite a bit when we got to Indy, since they have several stores that we don't have.  Shopping is also a fun activity for my nieces and sister.  We had a sisters shopping date on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving - which is when I got these jeans. The girls were very excited about how I could wear the jeans with my pink cardigan, and I should buy a pink shirt to wear under the cardigan and then I would look soooo good. They are very into matching these days.

The top is from Macy's.  I ventured over there on Wednesday morning when everyone else was working or at school.  I always find a few great things at Macy's, so I really wish we had one in Omaha.  Maybe someday.  Here's a close-up, to prove the dots are really stars.

The cardigan is the craziest story.  My sister had to be at work on Black Friday at 3:30am, so I offered to drive her, since we figured it might be busy and hard to find a parking spot, or not busy at all and creepy in the parking lot all alone.  We decided to go a little early to see if there were any good deals.  It turns out the mall was totally dead, but a few stores were open.  Urban Outfitters had 50% off all clearance, so I got this cardigan and a little purse.  Then I dropped Jill off and went home to sleep.  I have no idea how she survived the day!

Top: Alfani via Macy's
Cardigan: Urban Outfitters
Jeans: Gap
Belt: Old Navy
Boots: Bare Traps via DSW

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  1. Love the boots, and the color of the jeans is really great too. :)