Friday, December 21, 2012

Losing It


Well, I'm finally going crazy in my old age.  I have never been a forgetful person, but in the last few days, I am really starting to wonder what is wrong with me!  I am so scatterbrained!  Here's some evidence:
  • On Sunday, I went to Beauty and the Beast with my MIL and SIL.  We met for dinner before the show.  When I got to the restaurant, I noticed my wedding and engagement rings were not on my finger.  Cue panic attack.  I was sure I hadn't taken them off for any reason that day, and was terrified that they had fallen off somewhere as I was walking around downtown.  Turns out, they were on the dresser.  I had taken them off when I put on hand lotion. 
  • On Monday morning, I got to work and my computer was not on my desk.  Apparently I took it home for the weekend, and completely forgot to bring it back.  I had to drive back home to get it, thus starting my day about 45 minutes later than originally planned.
  • Monday evening, I was getting ready to ship all the presents out to my family, so I was sorting everything into piles.  There are 4 presents under the tree to John from me.  I remember buying and wrapping 3 presents.  I have no idea what the 4th present is, and since I put everything in different sized boxes to be sneaky, I don't even know which present is the mystery one.  The next day, I realized that the mystery present isn't "to John". It is "to Jason", my uncle-in-law.  Apparently, I am illiterate.  
I am hoping this is just short-term memory loss due to holiday stress and I will be back to my usual brilliant self in January. 

Dress: Gap
Cardigan: Urban Outfitters
Necklace: H&M
Tights: Steve Madden
Boots: Wanted via Piperlime
Coat: Old Navy

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