Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Literary Link-Up #2

It's time for the Literary Junkies Link-Up again!

1. What are you currently reading? Tell us about it.

I'm about halfway through  A Feast for Crows, which is book 4 in A Song of Ice and Fire (the Game of Thrones series).  I don't even know where to begin with a synopsis, but this series is so good.  I really love how the characters are all complicated.  There isn't really a "good guy" and a "bad guy", but everyone is just trying survive and sometimes they make terrible choices.  I also like how the author will sometimes kill off a really major character.  It's not that I wanted those characters to die, but I like being surprised, and I know no one is safe.  So far, book 4 has been a little bit frustrating for me, because we haven't heard anything from a few of the main characters.  I'm worried that they won't be in this book at all.  Good thing book 5 is on my hold shelf at the library, so I can pick it up immediately!  Then I will have to be patient until book 6 is published. 

2. If you could choose any author in the world to write a story based on your life, who would you choose to be the author? Why?
This is a tough one.  My first thought was someone like Tina Fey or Jenny Lawson, because I think my life is kind of hilarious, and would want my book to be ridiculous.  Then my mind went to Malcolm Gladwell, because I really love the way he describes people in his books.  Then I thought it doesn't have to be "about me", it could just be loosely based on my life, and I started down the path of fiction authors.  Then I realized my life has been kind of boring (in a good way), and I'm not sure anyone would read a novel based on it. This is how my brain works.  I think I should stick with the funny ladies I mentioned at the beginning.  

3. Tell us about your favorite place to read.

The beach, but that might just be my favorite place to be.  On a regular basis, I enjoy reading at Starbucks, or sitting on my couch wrapped up in a blanket.

4. What books would you buy for lovers of a) suspense/mystery b) chicklit, c) comedy, d) literary fiction, e)nonfiction, f) classics? (You can choose how many of those subcategories you want to talk about.)
Have you read any good books lately?

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  1. I love the beach. :)

    New follower from the Lit Junkies,
    Jessica @ Sweet Green Tangerine

  2. I have really been debating on whether to read Game of Thrones or not. I can't stand when a character I've grown to love gets killed off, and I had heard the author had a tendency to do that. argg...I've heard so many good reviews of the books though. I'm so conflicted! ha!

  3. Loved The Help!! So much better than the movie (which was a great attempt to bring that book to life!) Just finished a few Rachel Gibson books, but they're just fluffy reading, so not sure if you are into that type of thing. ha! ;) Thanks for linking up!!

  4. Great post! Thx for linking up!

  5. Ooooo. Game of Thrones is SO good. I think book #4 was the one that was a little slow for me but book #5 was really good. I don't think we can anticipate book #6 for a long while. :(